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Radio Stuff

I currently hold an FCC Technician Class (no-code) Amateur Radio license, call sign WC7RCM (originally licensed as N7WTB). This license grants me full operating privileges on all amateur radio frequencies above 30 MHz.

Someday, I may upgrade my amateur license privileges to a higher license class, allowing me worldwide radio communications capability. I have not done so to date, because such upgrades require a Morse Code test, which I haven't gotten around to learning - just yet.

I am a member of the Arizona Repeater Association, which is a group of amateur radio operators and friends who have joined forces to develop and maintain a network of radio repeaters (radio retransmission stations which greatly increase operating range) across Arizona and the Western U.S.

Most amateur radio operators use amateur-specific radio equipment. However, since I work for an agency which operates its radio system in the VHF part of the Highway Maintenance Radio Service (151/156 MHz), I own and use land mobile radio equipment. These radios are approved and type-accepted for use on public service radio systems, but can also legally be used on the amateur bands. This allows me the flexibility of using either the agency radio system or an amateur radio repeater for reporting roadway incidents and other emergencies.

I also prefer to use land mobile equipment due to its (usually) superior ruggedness - I'm not the easiest person on radios.

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