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US Mail:
Richard C. Moeur, P.E.
Post Office Box 56484
Phoenix, Arizona 85079-6484

rcmoeur@aol.com (primary address)
rmoeur@azdot.gov (for Department-related correspondence only)


(602) 712-6661 (office)
(602) 909-8451 (cell)


University of Arizona, Tucson
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, May 1988
Transportation & traffic engineering curriculum
GPA: 3.28

Phoenix College, Phoenix, Arizona
Proto-engineering classes

West High School, Phoenix, Arizona (R.I.P.)
Metal shop curriculum emphasis
GPA: Abominable

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No, actually, I don't have a blog - unless you count the road trips, but those only cover our more-ambitious travel experiences (which are of course much more interesting that our usual mundane lives).

For those who are unnaturally interested in the details of the day-to-day stuff, I do have a Twitter account with little vignettes of my life in 140-character chunks, and a Facebook page with the usual pointless and mundane items.

My Personality Profile

According to the Meyers-Briggs personality type indicator,
I am an INTJ personality type.

Wife and Family

My Wife:

Suzanne Carlisle
(by the way, we met via America Online in early 1995)

Our Kid:

Duncan A. Moeur

Things I Use for Wandering Around

Though I much prefer to use the bicycles

to get around when possible, I do have a few motorized vehicles as well.
I do have a big 'ol 1988 Chevy Truckasaurus with a cool blue paint job that we use for long trips and heavy hauling,
and a Ford Taurus named "Moo-Moo" I use around town.
My vehicles are equipped with 2-way radio equipment, and I have a DMI that I can use for accurate location of roadway features.

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