The Mighty Truckasaurus

I've owned the Mighty Truckasaurus since I ordered it brand-new from GM in July of 1988. It's a Chevrolet C1500 Cheyenne long bed extended cab pickup: 20 1/2 feet from front push bar to rear bumper. 1988 was the first year of this body style, which Chevrolet retained for over a decade. It's been a reliable vehicle for over 30 years and almost 300,000 miles.

The ol' truck has visited all 48 of the continental United States (some many times) on our big road trips, and excels for heavy hauling and long adventures.

The interior has aftermarket bucket seats up front and a large bench seat in back. The vehicle is equipped with 2-way radio equipment, and has a distance measuring instrument that serves as a super-accurate speedometer and odometer and for accurate location of roadway features. The truck also has Federal Signal emergency lighting equipment for when the need arises.

We have had to overhaul and replace a few items through the years, including the transmission, engine, exhaust system, instrument cluster, and a few other things, plus several repaints, but all in all the truck still runs well (if we could solve the intermittent front wheel bearing disintegration issue, we'd be in even better shape).

See you on the open road!

Updated 28 April 2020 (minor edits)
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