Frosty Freeways - Arizona highways in the snow

These are photos from Interstate 17 south of Flagstaff and SR 260 northeast of Payson on January 24-26, 2010, just after a series of winter storms dumped nearly 5 FEET of snow in the area in only a few days.

Is dis I-75 up near da Soo? Nope - it's I-17 in sunny Arizona!

Took some time & hard work, but the ADOT crews out of Little Antelope were finally able to uncover something resembling a highway under all that white stuff

Flagstaff - just follow the frozen white road!

Is this why we mount the signs at 7 feet?

Kinda hard to get anywhere on that road (but it looks like someone managed it)

Deep drifts on each side of SR 260 on top of the Mogollon Rim

Road closed? Road gone!

End of the line!

A snowy scene on SR 260 near Payson

Rockies? Cascades? No - it's the usually-brown Mazatzals wearing an uncommon coat of white

Snow-covered slopes on SR 260

ADOT grader working to keep the roads clear

An icy backdrop for a desert panorama

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