Where Are the Recent Road Trips?

Yes, we embarked on Big Road Trips in 2016 (to Savannah by way of central Florida), 2017 (to Pittsburgh by way of Michigan), 2018 (to Denver), and 2019 (to Columbus plus the upper Midwest), and we have lots of photos and notes just itching to be assembed into amusing narratives for historical reference.

However... the amount of available time I thought I'd have to complete these webpages just hasn't yet materialized. Too many other obligations and distractions involving home, family, and business have conspired to steal that page-assembling time. Yes, we still plan to eventually post all the trips here, once I'm caught up on other tasks. Until then, my apologies to all for the inconvenience.

For those eager to see the photos from the missing years, we have a set of albums up on Facebook on our Richard and Suzanne and Duncan's Big Road Trip Facebook page. You can even "like" and follow that Facebook page to get "next day" updates from future trips, and beat the crowds!

Our Big Road Trip Photo Albums on Facebook

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