The Jellybean

Jellybean is a 2009 Toyota Yaris that was originally owned by a friend of Richard's up in the Pacific Northwest. We had the opportunity to purchase this vehicle in the late spring of 2018, when the previous owners took delivery on their fiery red Tesla Model 3 and decided we'd make good second parents. It seats four (sometimes five), and its zippy 1.4 liter engine, 5-speed manual transmission, light weight, and road-gripping handling makes it a lot of fun to drive on twisting mountain roads or open highways. And we're definitely not complaining about the 40+ highway mpg.

We did shell out for a custom specialty license plate, with the TRFENG wording recognizing Richard's professional career.

Like most of our other vehicles, the Jellybean is equipped with 2-way radio equipment, and has a distance measuring instrument that serves as a super-accurate speedometer and odometer for navigation and engineering analysis. Jellybean also has a pair of small yet bright Federal Signal rear-facing emergency lights for use where needed, and we've added colorful retroreflective accents to the side and rear of the vehicle for improved conspicuity at night.

Ready for more adventures!

Updated 01 June 2020 (plate change)
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