Richard and Suzanne and Duncan's Big 2007 Road Trip #2
Stage 2b - The Last Of The Packupians
in Trout Creek, MI and local area

Day 21 - Sunday, September 30th, 2007
in Trout Creek, MI
0 miles

The effects of the stew were finally wearing off, and we stirred ourselves back to consciousness, with the grim realization that there was much stuff-packing left to do - and not all that much time remaining. We promptly threw ourselves into some heavy-duty packupiness, occasionally checking to see what little Dunkie was doing while we were distracted (NO, no washing your cars on the KITCHEN TABLE!!) Yes, that's pretty much all we did all day and most of the evening (put that dish down NOW!), and so this day was busy but unremarkable (he dropped WHAT?) as we stayed focused on the real reason we were up here (oh good, Duncan finally passed out...)

Busy interior, quiet exterior

Day 22 - Monday, October 1st, 2007
Trout Creek, MI to L'Anse, MI and back
91 miles

Most of this day was spent making one more mini-trip to see Suzanne's mom and sister in L'Anse, since we don't know how long it's going to be until we're back up here again to darken their doors. We made the rounds of visits, enjoying Suz's mom's company, and then being treated to a very satisfying baked spaghetti dinner at Suz's sister's lakefront property. Then back in the truck for the return along the deer-enhanced roadway, while on an uphill south of town Truckasaurus explained with a soft shiver in the shiftin' that for some reason it hadn't had a good guzzle of tranny fluid in a while. A quart of ATF was dug out of the depths of the truck and administered to the proper spout (after an ingenious configuration of a makeshift funnel fabricated from an old water bottle and some other stuff), and soon we were all happy and satisfied (including our 4-wheeled friend) and returned to Trout Creek without further incident.

Three generations of the Carlisle gang together again

Day 23 - Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007
in Trout Creek, MI
0 miles

How much stuff can one stuff into a truck and trailer? Let's find out!

This day began the real-life 3-D jigsaw puzzle of figuring out how to fit n+x cubic feet of worldly goods into n cubic feet of space. Richard & Suzanne hauled out furniture, boxes, accessories, boxes, tools, boxes, memorabilia, boxes, and other stuff (did we mention the boxes?) and carefully shoved them into our waiting trailer while trying to minimize possible instability (in the load, not us). This went reasonably well until it looked like we had such a good rhythm going in the house-to-vehicle boogie, Mother Nature (that wacky gal!) decided to have a bit of fun herself and send over a soaking rainstorm that kinda put the kibosh on the activities (with free bonus mud, too!) Then a few extra indoor hours as the rain drummed above as we rounded up a few final family items into the remaining containers, and then one last night in the old Carlisle family home dreaming of times past and adventures yet to come.

The autumn road awaits us...

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